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Turn Key Burn Permit Management System Ready for Georgia Fire Departments and Residents Obtain a Permit Obtain a Permit at 1 844 844 BURN Georgia Burn Permits is built to provide a seamless transition from the GA Forestry Commission solution to an improved, easy to use and cost effective solution that results in no administrative work for your Fire Department.
How is GeorgiaBurnPermits.com Built to Benefit Georgia?
With GeorgiaBurnPermits.com, a division of FirePermit.Online, we take the entire administrative burden for burn permits off your Fire Departments plate. See how…
  • Familiar Solution and Fast Onboarding – We have mirrored much of the functionality from the GA Forestry solution and are ready to onboard your county.
  • Improved Functionality for Residents and Fire Departments – With our web, phone and Mobile App solutions getting permits and checking on the status of permits has never been easier.
In Habersham, we wanted to streamline our burn permit operations, freeing up administrative personnel for other work without the need to add additional resources.

After I met with the team at FirePermit.Online and described the solution we required, they built GeorgiaBurnPermits.com based on our needs.

It allows us to issue permits using an automated phone number, SMS text messages, and the website.

With GeorgiaBurnPermits.com we are able to offer a 24×7 burn permit solution for our residents that takes no administrative effort.

Plus we now have direct access to the information whether we’re in the office or out responding to a call.

Habersham County

Chief Black

Benefits of Georgia Burn Permit Solution

Improving service for residents and increasing administrative efficiency are just some of the benefits of modernizing the burn permit process.

24x7 Online Availability

Residents can register for a burn permit easily online. Easy annual renewals.

Toll Free Number

Residents can call the Georgia Burn Permits toll free number 1-844-844-BURN to obtain a burn permit.

Mobile App for Residents

Residents will appreciate the ease of permit requests on the Georgia Burn Permits App

No Complex IT Setup

With the Georgia Burn Permit solution there is no complex setup. IT only needs to change a link to direct people to your GeorgiaBurnPermits.com page

Georgia Specific Solution

This solution was built to comply with Georgia Law including updating Burn Bans, Daily Permits and ACD Permits.

Mobile App for Fire Departments

Fire Department staff can quickly check on the status of permits using the Admin mobile app.

No Administrative Work

Adopting GeorgiaBurnPermits.com results in a reduced workload for your Fire Department.

Fast and Simple Onboarding

By mirroring and then improving a solution you are familiar with we can have you setup quickly.

No Annual Fee

Simple pricing involving no annual fee and billing on a per permit basis.
The 4 Parts to
The 4 parts that make the GeorgiaBurnPermits.com solution the most convenient and powerful online burn permit system include the following…
Residents can access the web portal 24x7 to obtain a permit.
Residents can call the Georgia Burn Permits toll free number to obtain a permit.
Admin Portal and App
The admin portal and app provides Georgia Fire Departments with more convenient access to know who has a valid permit.
Mobile App
Residents can easily obtain permits from the Georgia Burn Permits Mobile App on both ios and Android

See how easy it is to get setup to start accepting online burn permit applications.

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